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The resolution was negatively impacted due to the interlacing and small text and lines were again a bit blurry. The 3d effects did work to an acceptable level, but the color washout was a little disappointing. Overall I felt that this monitor performed below expectations. Probably due to its mediocre performance. Built-in speakers on the monitor can free up some desk space. Swivel stand is very nice. CONS - No commercial quality drivers included. Interlaced design has a lower visual resolution as only half the image is rendered for each eye.

Colors look very washed out, especially against a white background. Some banding was noticeable while playing 3d games.

Built-in speakers are not good enough for any serious gamer. It seems that none of the 3d monitors reviewed has everything quite right, but the IZ3D is the closest of the pack. However it needs to have more adjustment capabilities on the color temperature and contrast settings.

Without adjustment the colors tended to look a little on the blue side. IZ3D does have, by far, the best drivers and playing games on this monitor can be pretty amazing. If you are using your monitor primarily for 2D office applications and may only want to occasionally delve into 3d gaming, you may want to consider the Hyundai W220S.

The 2D picture produced by this monitor is very similar to that produced by the best of breed 2d monitors. Using the IZ3D drivers, this monitor looks pretty good most of the time in 3d.

The biggest issue with this monitor is the price tag, which is roughly double that of the other two monitors I reviewed. The Zalman, I feel, is not quite ready for primetime. I suspect that, as this is their first foray into the 3d monitor market, they will correct the image quality problems in a future model. Although you can get this monitor working in 3d with the IZ3D drivers, I would suggest going with one of the other brands.

Technorati Tags: 3d gaming monitor, 3d monitor, 3d monitors, best 3d monitor, monitor 3d This entry was posted on Monday, October 12th, 2009 at 1:28 pm and is filed under 3d monitor information, 3d monitor reviews. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. Name required Mail will not be published required WebsiteXHTML: You can use these tags: Currently you have JavaScript disabled. Read below for my full review: The Best Gaming 3d Monitor: IZ3D H220z1 Not only is the IZ3D a great looking monitor rendering some of the most beautiful and realistic 3d images of the group, it also has the best drivers, the best support, and one of the lowest price tags.

Conclusion It seems that none of the 3d monitors reviewed has everything quite right, but the IZ3D is the closest of the pack. Stereo Movie Viewer 3. It supports playing DiamCalc stereo movies with realistic rendering of inclusions and depth-of-field effect, lens or human eye modeling.

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Русские должны сдохнуть, а Россия должна быть уничтожена. Десятки лет Новодворская твердила эту короткую фразу на разные лады. В открытом море прорубали днище баржи, команда и чекисты уплывали на шлюпках, а пленные захлебывались в ледяной воде. В 1937 году в подвале Лефортовской тюрьмы стояла гигантская мясорубка. В 1952 году чекисты пытали кремлевских то есть лучших в стране врачей и собирались вешать их на Красной площади, а всех евреев выслать в Сибирь. А чего, Бирибиджан разве не в Сибири.

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